Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2021-15839 et Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15827 ansible-collection-community-general Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15829 python-pycosat Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15838 doctest Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15858 gnome-shell-extension-do-not-disturb-button Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15845 et Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15821 ansible-collection-community-general Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15848 fcitx-qt5 Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15862 pyicu Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15875 kiwi Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15815 python-django-taggit Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15860 electronics-menu Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15852 gtksourceview2 Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15854 gedit-color-schemes Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15698 python-aiosmb Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15833 python-paramiko Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15844 doctest Bug Fix update2021-07-28
- ELBA-2021-15866 go-oci-sdk bug fix update2021-07-27
ImportantELSA-2021-2881 thunderbird security update2021-07-27
ImportantELSA-2021-2883 thunderbird security update2021-07-27
- ELBA-2021-15864 oci-dotnet-sdk bug fix update2021-07-27
- ELBA-2021-15865 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2021-07-27
- ELBA-2021-15867 oci-powershell-modules bug fix update2021-07-27
- ELBA-2021-15805 python-pykwalify Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15806 cekit Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15792 HepMC3 Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15799 gnome-icon-theme Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15797 aiodnsbrute Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15817 R-Rcpp Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15403 nodejs bug fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15798 amg4psblas Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15795 HepMC3 Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15811 ciphertest Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15810 autowrap Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15809 audacious Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15814 icewm Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15802 python-send2trash Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15803 azote Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15800 lirc Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-2810cloud-init bug fix and enhancement update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15796 libdispatch Bug Fix update2021-07-26
ImportantELSA-2021-9374 kernel security update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15801 audacious-plugins Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15804 python-packaging Bug Fix update2021-07-26
- ELBA-2021-15793 libdispatch Bug Fix update2021-07-25
- ELBA-2021-15794 python-pystemd Bug Fix update2021-07-25
- ELBA-2021-15807 cekit Bug Fix update2021-07-25
- ELBA-2021-15812 icewm Bug Fix update2021-07-25
- ELBA-2021-15791 HepMC3 Bug Fix update2021-07-25
- ELBA-2021-15816 R-Rcpp Bug Fix update2021-07-25
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