Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2024-24366 debootstrap Bug Fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24362 terraform-provider-oci bug fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24363 perl-Fsdb Bug Fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24364 debootstrap Bug Fix update2024-07-10
ImportantELSA-2024-4367 pki-core security update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24371 terraform-provider-oci-fips bug fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24365 perl-Fsdb Bug Fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24369 terraform-provider-oci-fips bug fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24367 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24359 oci-powershell-modules bug fix update2024-07-09
ModerateELSA-2024-4422 fence-agents security update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24358 swift-lang Bug Fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24356 swift-lang Bug Fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24360 python-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24343 mold Bug Fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24349 texlive-extension Bug Fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24353 oci-dotnet-sdk bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24345 mold Bug Fix update2024-07-09
ModerateELSA-2024-4438 dotnet6.0 security update2024-07-09
ModerateELSA-2024-4439 dotnet6.0 security update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24350 texlive-extension Bug Fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-12487 gcc-toolset-11-gcc bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24351 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24361 python-oci-cli bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24348 mold Bug Fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24354 go-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-12488 pam bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24352 java-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-07-09
- ELBA-2024-24346 mold Bug Fix update2024-07-09
ModerateELSA-2024-4376 libreswan security update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12477 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update2024-07-08
ImportantELSA-2024-4371 buildah security update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12485 linux-firmware bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12478 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update2024-07-08
ImportantELSA-2024-4378 podman security update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12481 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24338 hdhomerun Bug Fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24337 multitail Bug Fix update2024-07-08
ImportantELSA-2024-4379 gvisor-tap-vsock security update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-4349-1 kernel bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12482 linux-firmware bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12484 linux-firmware bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12483 linux-firmware bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-12480 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24339 qownnotes Bug Fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24336 php-geshi Bug Fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24342 hdhomerun Bug Fix update2024-07-08
ModerateELSA-2024-4349 kernel security and bug fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24340 php-geshi Bug Fix update2024-07-08
- ELBA-2024-24335 qownnotes Bug Fix update2024-07-08
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