Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2021-4783fence-agents bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-24
- ELBA-2021-4795certmonger bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-24
ImportantELSA-2021-4826 mailman:2.1 security update2021-11-24
ModerateELSA-2021-4432 bluez security update2021-11-24
ImportantELSA-2021-4777 kernel security and bug fix update2021-11-24
- ELBA-2021-4791pki-core bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-24
ModerateELSA-2021-4785 rpm security update2021-11-24
- ELBA-2021-4423bluez bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-24
- ELBA-2021-4416hwloc bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-24
- ELBA-2021-4535.NET 5.0 bugfix update2021-11-24
- ELBA-2021-9563 kronosnet bug fix update2021-11-24
ModerateELSA-2021-4782 openssh security update2021-11-24
ModerateELSA-2021-4788 krb5 security update2021-11-24
- ELEA-2021-4211ostree bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-24
ModerateELSA-2021-9561 openssl security update2021-11-23
ImportantELSA-2021-9565 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container security update2021-11-23
ImportantELSA-2021-9564 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2021-11-23
ModerateELSA-2021-9560 glibc security update2021-11-23
- ELBA-2021-18193 oci-ansible-collection bug fix update2021-11-22
- ELBA-2021-18242 vscode bug fix update2021-11-22
- ELBA-2021-18190 vscode bug fix update2021-11-22
- ELBA-2021-18191 vscode bug fix update2021-11-22
- ELBA-2021-17965 vscode bug fix update2021-11-22
- ELBA-2021-18241 terraform-provider-oci bug fix update2021-11-20
ImportantELSA-2021-9562 python3 security update2021-11-20
- ELBA-2021-18234 kf5-kcrash Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18201 kdeedu-data Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18203 kdegraphics-mobipocket Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18217 kde-dev-scripts Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18225 kdevelop-pg-qt Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18222 kdegraphics-thumbnailers Bug Fix update2021-11-19
ModerateELSA-2021-4743 llvm-toolset:ol8 security update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18211 kf5-audiocd-kio Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18233 kf5-kcontacts Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18202 kde-filesystem Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18198 kcron Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-9558 libreswan bug fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-9557 pacemaker bug fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18231 kf5-kcalendarcore Bug Fix update2021-11-19
ModerateELSA-2021-4585 gcc-toolset-10-gcc security update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-3890java-11-openjdk bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-19
LowELSA-2021-9552 pcs security update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18223 kdesdk-kioslaves Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18208 kdnssd Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18230 kf5-kblog Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18220 kde-filesystem Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-18216 kcron Bug Fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-9559 corosync bug fix update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-4092osbuild-composer bug fix and enhancement update2021-11-19
- ELBA-2021-9556cloud-init bug fix update2021-11-19
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