Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
ImportantELSA-2017-1793 graphite2 security update2017-07-20
CriticalELSA-2017-1789 java-1.8.0-openjdk security update2017-07-20
ImportantELSA-2017-1759 freeradius security update2017-07-18
- ELBA-2017-3594 glibc bug fix update2017-07-17
- ELBA-2017-3593 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update2017-07-15
- ELBA-2017-1752glibc bug fix update2017-07-14
ImportantELSA-2017-3592Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2017-07-12
- ELEA-2017-1730 kmod-redhat-mgag2002017-07-12
- ELBA-2017-1722cloud-init bug fix update2017-07-11
- ELBA-2017-1725iscsi-initiator-utils bug fix update2017-07-11
ImportantELSA-2017-1723 kernel security and bug fix update2017-07-11
- ELBA-2017-1729createrepo bug fix update2017-07-11
- ELBA-2017-1726procps bug fix update2017-07-11
ModerateELSA-2017-1721 httpd security and bug fix update2017-07-11
- ELBA-2017-1728ksh bug fix update2017-07-11
- ELBA-2017-1727selinux-policy bug fix update2017-07-11
- ELEA-2017-1391openssl enhancement update2017-07-06
ImportantELSA-2017-1479 glibc security update2017-07-06
ImportantELSA-2017-1681 qemu-kvm security update2017-07-05
ImportantELSA-2017-1679 bind security and bug fix update2017-07-05
ImportantELSA-2017-1680 bind security and bug fix update2017-07-05
- ELBA-2017-1674-1kernel bug fix update2017-07-05
- ELBA-2017-1674kernel bug fix update2017-07-04
ImportantELSA-2017-3590Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2017-06-30
ImportantELSA-2017-1482-1 kernel security update2017-06-30
ImportantELSA-2017-3591Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2017-06-30
ImportantELSA-2017-3589 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2017-06-30
- ELEA-2017-1602conntrack-tools enhancement update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1604chkconfig bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1603xmvn bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1612ghostscript bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1607xfsprogs bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1610pki-core bug fix update2017-06-28
ImportantELSA-2017-3587 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2017-06-28
ImportantELSA-2017-1581 freeradius security update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1618gawk bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1609libguestfs bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1617lvm2 bug fix update2017-06-28
ImportantELSA-2017-1615 kernel security and bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1613dracut bug fix update2017-06-28
ImportantELSA-2017-1615-1 kernel security and bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1611python-dmidecode bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1606cyrus-imapd bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-1605sssd bug fix update2017-06-28
- ELBA-2017-3588 openssl bug fix update2017-06-28
ImportantELSA-2017-1576 mercurial security update2017-06-27
- ELBA-2017-3586 docker-engine docker-engine-selinux bug fix update2017-06-27
- ELBA-2017-3585 openssl bug fix update2017-06-26
- ELBA-2017-3584 openssl bug fix update2017-06-26
ModerateELSA-2017-1574 sudo security update2017-06-23
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