ELBA-2007-0304 - kernel bug fix packages available for Update 5

Release Date:2007-05-17


- fix entropy flag in bnx2 driver to generate entropy pool (John
Sobecki) [orabug 5931647]

- fix for nfs open call taking longer issue (Chuck Lever) orabug 5580407
bz [219412]
- fix enomem due to larger mtu size page alloc (Zach Brown) orabug 5486128
- fix per_cpu() api bug_on with rds (Zach Brown) orabug 5760648
- limit nr_requests in cfq io scheduler ( Jens Axboe) bz 234278 orabug

-stex: fix regression in sg_reset (Jun'ichi Nick Nomura) [234532]
-nfs: Allow files open for write to invalidate caches (Jeff Layton) [237135]
-e1000: fix watchdog timeout panics (Andy Gospodarek) [231185]
-re-enable readahead for multi-page sequential IOs (Eric Sandeen) [193077]

-s390: include complete 3270 console driver crash patch (Jan Glauber)
-fix an oops condition in ipoib (Doug Ledford) [233301]
-ppc: fix lpar is hung after soft reset or initiating system dump via
HMC (Janice Girouard) [234339]
-fix C-state divisor not functioning correctly on Greyhound (Bhavana
Nagendra) [235442]
-revert: support for p-state transitions on Intel and support for ACPI
3.0 _PSD method

-e1000: ensure that rx unit is started (Jeff Garzik) [234370]
-e1000: fix jumbo frame performance issue (Andy Gospodarek) [233988]
-make version & release info available at compile time (Konrad
Rzeszutek) [232526]
-revert: prevent rmmod of qla2nnn when it is in use (Tom Coughlan) [234260]
-tg3: fix bug when bringing up bond iface in balanced-alb mode. (Andy
Gospodarek) [216895]
-diskdump: fix regression with megaraid_sas (Nobuhiro Tachino) [234850]
-x86: Make sure hpet_address is 0 when any part of HPET initialization
fails (Brian Maly ) [231382]

-fix boot panic on >=16 cpu on Intel microcore platforms (Brian Maly)
-ppc64: fix out of tree builds (Janice Girouard) [209852]
-ppc64: fix system drops to xmon when qla3xxx module is removed (Konrad
Rzeszutek) [231627]
-fix high TCP latency with small packets (Thomas Graf) [229907]
-fix usb ports don't recover after overcurrent (John Feeney) [231226]
-cciss: driver bug fixes (Tom Coughlan) [196628]
-fix mptscsih_doDv panic when checking disk in RAID volume (David
Milburn) [231909]
-add PowerEdge R900 pci=bfsort automatically (John Feeney) [233281]

-tty: fix possible double idr index freeing (Aristeu Rozanski) [214188]
-Fix typo in the qla1280 reset (George Beshers) [217886]
-blacklist SEAGATE tape drive (Chip Coldwell) [197381]
-Fix off by one error in mthca driver (Doug Ledford) [233086]
-Fix ipv6 OOPS triggerable (Neil Horman) [233114]
-ppc: fix ehea oops during TCP+IO stress testing (Janice Girouard) [232944]
-fix tux overflow (Jason Baron) [229717]
-add one more PCI ID for ICH9 (Geoff Gustafson) [197011]

-V4L: use GFP_DMA when allocating memory for mmap (Aristeu Rozanski)
-nfs4: fix client panics (Steve Dickson) [226983]
-fix panic in nfs4_get_sb (Jeff Layton) [229780]
-autofs4: add missing hunk in "automounter cannot shutdown when
timeount=0" patch (Ian Kent) [199977 205836]
-add ipr driver back to ppciseries kernel (Janice Girouard) [230353]

-Increase number of e820 entries hard limit from 32 to 128 (Larry
Woodman) [218094]
-fix GoVault not accessible due to reset failure on ata_piix (Konrad
Rzeszutek) [195730 207148]
-additional devices added to pci bfsort whitelist (Andy Gospodarek) [213948]
-Fix key serial number collision problem (David Howells) [227495]
-fix audit panic on watched files (Eric Paris) [223129] {CVE-2007-0001}
-fix pcmcia panics on Sun Bladeserver (Brian Maly) [204914]
-flush icache early when loading module (Doug Chapman) [227898]
-fix panic on boot with certiain intel sound cards (Jason Baron) [228059]
-libata: make HDIO_DRIVE_TASK ioctl to return ATA registers to user
space (Jun'ichi Nick Nomura) [220836]
-ppc: fix sctu Data buffer miscompare (Janice Girouard) [225219]
-fix icmp oops in sctp (Neil Horman) [223818]
-Fix 8139cp netconsole and tcpdump (Chris Lalancette) [229287]
-ppc: fix install to detect SATA DVD-ROM drive (Janice Girouard) [229333]
-fix reset bugs in qla4xxx (Mike Christie) [228416]
-fix BUG_ON() panic in __kmap_atomic() (Jerome Marchand) [223851]
-wacom: support new tablets (Aristeu Rozanski) [228531]


-remove extra __ip_vs_conn_put() for incoming ICMP (Jeff Burke) [167398
-ppc: fix ehea driver fails to process incoming TCP packets if MCS value
on HMC>1 (Janice Girouard) [224201]
-ppc: fix ehea driver unstable due to possible nullpointer access
(Janice Girouard) [224246]
-ppc: ehea driver must use new method to determine available ports
(Janice Girouard) [225470]
-ppc: fix ehea driver produces misleading log messages (Janice Girouard)
-add ioctls to mpt fusion (Tom Coughlan) [193759]
-ppc: fix GA7SP3:HV2++:errinjct for scsi causes system to go into
debugger (Janice Girouard) [198813]

-sctp: fix oops that occurs with non-linear skbs (Neil Horman) [221127]
-diskdump: fix up aacraid support (Nobuhiro Tachino) [170857]
-optimize writer path in timer_interpolator_get_counter() (Prarit
Bhargava) [220639]
-add Promise EX8650/4650 support (Jun'ichi Nick Nomura) [217852]
-s390 netiucv: avoid duplicate iucv-interfaces to the same peer (Jan
Glauber) [202251]
-cciss: add scsi error handlers (Tom Coughlan) [162972]

-ia64: megaraid_mbox unaligned accesses (Chip Coldwell) [222417]
-ppc: fix pci-e network adapter (Janice Girouard) [223551]
-ppc: update ehea driver (anice Girouard) [223845]
-ext3: return ENOENT from ext3_link when racing with unlink (Eric
Sandeen) [196915]
-fix elf core file truncated at 2GB (Guy Streeter) [224243]
-ipmi: fix driver not seeing extra IPMI nodes on multinode x460 (Konrad
Rzeszutek) [224429]
-fix MegaRAID SATA RAID 150-4/6 do not support 64-bit DMA (Chip
Coldwell) [210852]
-fix for accounting in multi-threaded processes (Ernie Petrides) [219319]
-nfs: fix mounts freeze (Peter Staubach) [212398]
-wacom: support new tablets (Aristeu Rozanski) [180545]
-fix shost->host_busy is set to -1 (Chip Coldwell) [176879]
-correct error message "event field not found" (Pete Zaitcev) [202010]
-fix mptscsi adds DID_BUS_BUSY host status when scsi status of BUSY is
returned (Chip Coldwell) [197158]
-device mapper mirroring - remove error message (Jonathan Brassow) [223865]

-fix support CPU frequency scaling in the kernel (Konrad Rzeszutek) [222081]
-sata: more updates (Jeff Garzik) [223280]
-allow alternate nic ordering to allow 2.4 ordering (Andy Gospodarek)
-fix missing PCI Device in aic79xx driver (Chip Coldwell) [220602]
-fix HP laptops failing to reboot (Sachin Prabhu) [184523]
-add support for 3ware 9650SE SATA-RAID (Chip Coldwell) [220850]
-cpqarray fix failure to detect arrays (Chip Coldwell) [222695]

-correct KABI breakage from: listxattr syscall can corrupt user space
programs (Jason Baron)

Updated Packages

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