Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELEA-2024-0349New packages: host-metering2024-03-04
- ELBA-2024-12194 oraclelinux-release-el9 bug fix update2024-03-04
- ELBA-2024-18977 node-oracledb-node16 bug fix update2024-03-04
- ELBA-2024-18976 node-oracledb-node14 bug fix update2024-03-04
- ELBA-2024-19012 node-oracledb-node20 bug fix update2024-03-04
- ELBA-2024-18884 oci-ansible-collection bug fix update2024-03-01
ModerateELSA-2024-12191podman security update2024-03-01
ImportantELSA-2024-12190conmon security update2024-03-01
- ELBA-2024-12192Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update2024-03-01
- ELBA-2024-18893 perl-MIME-EncWords Bug Fix update2024-03-01
ImportantELSA-2024-12189conmon security update2024-03-01
ImportantELSA-2024-12193Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2024-03-01
- ELBA-2024-12178 mdadm bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18658 snapd Bug Fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12180 lvm2 bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18684 python-untangle Bug Fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12182 sos bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12186 gcc-toolset-11-binutils bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18617 java-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18620 python-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12179 bcache-tools bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12181 systemd bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-0987scap-security-guide bug fix and enhancement update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12188 virt-manager bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12184 binutils bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18646 python-oci-cli bug fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-12183 sos bug fix update2024-02-29
ImportantELSA-2024-12187kernel security update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18659 3proxy Bug Fix update2024-02-29
- ELBA-2024-18645 terraform-provider-oci bug fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-12177 dracut bug fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18640 rust-png Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18621 oci-ansible-collection bug fix update2024-02-28
ImportantELSA-2024-0977 unbound security update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18624 onedrive Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-0462selinux-policy bug fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18629 ytree Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18626 chromium Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18642 python-xlsxwriter Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18618 kubernetes-cni-plugins bug fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18625 meld Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18628 meld Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18636 chromium Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18635 meld Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-12176 dracut bug fix update2024-02-28
ImportantELSA-2024-0965 unbound security update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18634 python-xlsxwriter Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18622 ytree Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18619 chromium Bug Fix update2024-02-28
- ELBA-2024-18633 rust-chrono Bug Fix update2024-02-28
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