Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2024-24416 valkey Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2023-31398 libretls Bug Fix update2024-07-12
ImportantELSA-2024-4502 skopeo security update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24420 apptainer Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24428 mongo-c-driver Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24437 singularity-ce Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24418 mongo-c-driver Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24440 valkey Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2023-19703 boost1.78 Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24419 fedora-license-data Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24417 sexpp Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24441 singularity-ce Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2023-31376 libretls Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24427 sexpp Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24429 fedora-license-data Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24430 apptainer Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2023-19688 boost1.78 Bug Fix update2024-07-12
- ELBA-2024-24379 rust-anstream Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24385 xmessage Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24395 netcat Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24406 rpki-client Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24382 imhex Bug Fix update2024-07-11
ImportantELSA-2024-4517 firefox security update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-12539 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container bug fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24384 debootstrap Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24389 baresip Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-12538 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container bug fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24380 php-nikic-php-parser5 Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24401 baresip Bug Fix update2024-07-11
ImportantELSA-2024-4500 firefox security update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24399 wordpress Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24408 fedpkg Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24410 python-rpmautospec-core Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24381 nextcloud Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24398 xfontsel Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24411 rpki-client Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24414 fedpkg Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24412 rpkg Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24405 netcat Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24391 rpkg Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24396 debootstrap Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24390 python-rpmautospec-core Bug Fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-12537 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel bug fix update2024-07-11
- ELBA-2024-24378 rust-flate2 Bug Fix update2024-07-11
ImportantELSA-2024-4450 dotnet8.0 security update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24370 terraform-provider-oci-fips bug fix update2024-07-10
ModerateELSA-2024-4457 openssh security update2024-07-10
- ELBA-2024-24368 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2024-07-10
ImportantELSA-2024-4451 dotnet8.0 security update2024-07-10
LowELSA-2024-4351 virt:ol and virt-devel:rhel security and bug fix update2024-07-10
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