Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2020-5958oracle-olcne-release-el8 bug fix update2020-11-27
- ELBA-2020-5957 oracle-olcne-release-el7 bug fix update2020-11-27
- ELBA-2020-5954 conmon bug fix update2020-11-26
- ELBA-2020-5955 conmon bug fix update2020-11-26
- ELBA-2020-5948 olcne bug fix update2020-11-24
ImportantELSA-2020-5947 resource-agents security update2020-11-24
ImportantELSA-2020-5163 thunderbird security update2020-11-24
- ELBA-2020-5949 olcne bug fix update2020-11-24
- ELBA-2020-5946 kronosnet bug fix update2020-11-23
ImportantELSA-2020-4158 thunderbird security update2020-11-23
- ELBA-2020-5945 oswatcher bug fix update2020-11-23
ImportantELSA-2020-5164 thunderbird security update2020-11-23
ImportantELSA-2020-5146 thunderbird security update2020-11-19
- ELBA-2020-5154 GNOME bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-19
- ELBA-2020-5130 java-1.8.0-openjdk bug fix update2020-11-18
ImportantELSA-2020-5934 kernel security update2020-11-18
ModerateELSA-2020-4481 bluez security update2020-11-18
- ELEA-2020-5929 xenstoreprovider enhancement update2020-11-18
- ELEA-2020-5927 ovm-template-config enhancement update2020-11-18
- ELEA-2020-5928 ovmd enhancement update2020-11-18
- ELBA-2020-5941 oracle-nodejs-release-el7 bug fix update2020-11-18
- ELEA-2020-5930 libovmapi enhancement update2020-11-18
- ELBA-2020-5108dotnet3.1 bug fix update2020-11-18
- ELBA-2020-4859container-tools:2.0 bug fix update2020-11-18
- ELBA-2020-4860.NET Core 3.1 on Oracle Linux bugfix update2020-11-18
ImportantELSA-2020-5129 net-snmp security update2020-11-18
- ELBA-2020-5915 corosync pacemaker pcs bug fix update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5006 kde-workspace bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5032 python-blivet bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5043 cloud-init bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5938crash bug fix update2020-11-17
ModerateELSA-2020-5011 bind security and bug fix update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5034 kexec-tools bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
- ELEA-2020-5101nodejs:14 bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5028 gfs2-utils bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5937 binutils bug fix update2020-11-17
- ELBA-2020-5940NetworkManager bug fix update2020-11-17
ModerateELSA-2020-5085 microcode_ctl security, bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-17
ImportantELSA-2020-4913 thunderbird security update2020-11-17
ModerateELSA-2020-5083 microcode_ctl security, bug fix, and enhancement update2020-11-17
CriticalELSA-2020-5100 firefox security update2020-11-17
ModerateELSA-2020-5084 microcode_ctl security, bug fix, and enhancement update2020-11-17
ImportantELSA-2020-5936Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2020-11-16
- ELBA-2020-5935 kexec-tools bug fix update2020-11-16
ImportantELSA-2020-3835 firefox security update2020-11-14
ImportantELSA-2020-4947 thunderbird security update2020-11-14
CriticalELSA-2020-5104 firefox security update2020-11-14
- ELBA-2020-5921 sssd bug fix update2020-11-14
- ELBA-2020-5023-1 kernel bug fix update2020-11-14
- ELBA-2020-4848libselinux bug fix and enhancement update2020-11-13
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