Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2021-3577python-ldap bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17145 duperemove Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-3584python3 bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17147 drupal7 Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17144 python-scp Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17151 python-scp Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17148 knot Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17146 singularity Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17150 gfal2-util Bug Fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-3593gcc-toolset-10-elfutils bug fix update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-3583sos bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-22
- ELBA-2021-17143 drupal7 Bug Fix update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3575gcc-toolset-10-binutils bug fix update2021-09-21
ImportantELSA-2021-9453 Unbreakable Enterprise kernel-container security update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-9455 resource-agents bug fix update2021-09-21
- ELEA-2021-3591strace bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
ModerateELSA-2021-3572 nss and nspr security, bug fix, and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3578pacemaker bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3587opencryptoki bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3589pcp bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
ModerateELSA-2021-3582 curl security update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-9456 iscsi-initiator-utils bug fix update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-9454 pacemaker bug fix update2021-09-21
ImportantELSA-2021-9452Unbreakable Enterprise kernel security update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3596poppler bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3594libdb bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3573ca-certificates bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-3574rng-tools bug fix and enhancement update2021-09-21
- ELBA-2021-17129 libuv Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17132 ntfs-3g Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17131 duperemove Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17135 singularity Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17128 xorgxrdp Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17138 libtpms Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17127 xrdp Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17136 knot Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17133 singularity Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17130 libuv Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17134 singularity Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17137 libtpms Bug Fix update2021-09-20
- ELBA-2021-17100 xfce4-screenshooter Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17126 ntfs-3g Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17113 xfce4-xkb-plugin Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17103 xfce4-genmon-plugin Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17109 xfce4-settings Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17117 xorgxrdp Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17098 xfce4-datetime-plugin Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17107 xfce4-notes-plugin Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17110 xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin Bug Fix update2021-09-17
- ELBA-2021-17124 fsverity-utils Bug Fix update2021-09-17
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