Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2024-18508 objfw Bug Fix update2024-02-25
- ELBA-2024-18509 libmongocrypt Bug Fix update2024-02-25
- ELBA-2024-18510 ascii Bug Fix update2024-02-25
- ELBA-2024-18488 objfw Bug Fix update2024-02-24
- ELBA-2024-18487 python-virt-firmware Bug Fix update2024-02-24
- ELBA-2024-18490 ascii Bug Fix update2024-02-24
- ELBA-2024-18489 libmongocrypt Bug Fix update2024-02-24
ImportantELSA-2024-0952 firefox security update2024-02-23
- ELBA-2024-0885 resource-agents update for ol8_addons ARM2024-02-23
- ELBA-2024-18471 kubernetes-cni-plugins bug fix update2024-02-23
ImportantELSA-2024-0951 postgresql security update2024-02-23
- ELBA-2024-18350 netdata Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-12171 oracle-olcne-release-el9 bug fix update2024-02-22
ModerateELSA-2024-0887 go-toolset:ol8 security update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-0886evolution bug fix and enhancement update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-0898python-cryptography bug fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18345 python-freeipa Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18346 papirus-icon-theme Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELEA-2024-0890nodejs:18 bug fix and enhancement update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18344 stb Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18356 papirus-icon-theme Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18349 stb Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18421 cross-gcc bug fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18422 bpf-gcc bug fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18355 python-freeipa Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18348 clifm Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-0895frr bug fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18424 knot-resolver Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-0899sssd bug fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18347 netdata Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18358 clifm Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18416 epel-rpm-macros Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18418 epel-rpm-macros Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18357 netdata Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18354 stb Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-12170 oracle-olcne-release-el8 bug fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-0891fence-agents update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18360 clifm Bug Fix update2024-02-22
ImportantELSA-2024-12169kernel security update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-0900autofs bug fix and enhancement update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18352 clifm Bug Fix update2024-02-22
- ELBA-2024-18319 rust-smallvec Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18307 lua-rpm-macros Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18338 rpki-client Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18341 netdata Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELEA-2024-0892nodejs:20 bug fix and enhancement update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18317 singularity-ce Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18305 syncthing Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18332 papirus-icon-theme Bug Fix update2024-02-21
- ELBA-2024-18339 python-freeipa Bug Fix update2024-02-21
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