Errata Summary
The following errata are available for all releases offered through Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN).
- ELBA-2024-23535 python-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23540 terraform-provider-oci bug fix update2024-06-18
ModerateELSA-2024-3968 container-tools:ol8 bug fix and enhancement update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23519 python-unidecode Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23539 python-oci-cli bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23523 python-unidecode Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23524 pyzor Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23527 swift-lang Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23541 fedora-license-data Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23532 go-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23530 oci-typescript-sdk bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23520 python-unidecode Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23528 oci-powershell-modules bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23536 python-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-06-18
ImportantELSA-2024-12442glibc security update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23531 oci-dotnet-sdk bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23537 python-oci-cli bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-12443 selinux-policy bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23526 pyzor Bug Fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23538 python-oci-cli bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23529 java-oci-sdk bug fix update2024-06-18
- ELBA-2024-23522 python-unidecode Bug Fix update2024-06-18
ImportantELSA-2024-3951 firefox security update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23503 rust-cxxbridge-flags Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23491 icewm Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23487 gedit-control-your-tabs Bug Fix update2024-06-17
ImportantELSA-2024-12440glibc security update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-12418 e2fsprogs bug fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23511 rust-cxxbridge-macro Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23505 rust-cxx Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23485 dillo Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23493 rust-async-process Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23492 gedit-control-your-tabs Bug Fix update2024-06-17
ImportantELSA-2024-3961 flatpak security update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23510 rust-proc-macro2 Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23486 icewm Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23512 rust-cxxbridge-flags Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23513 rust-cxx-build Bug Fix update2024-06-17
ImportantELSA-2024-3955 firefox security update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23518 rust-git-delta Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-12441 sos bug fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23504 rust-cxx-build Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23497 ec2-hibinit-agent Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23499 vlc Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23490 dillo Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23483 weechat Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23502 rust-cxxbridge-macro Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23514 rust-cxx Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23494 ec2-hibinit-agent Bug Fix update2024-06-17
- ELBA-2024-23508 vlc Bug Fix update2024-06-17
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